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Another Great Garage Sale Day

October 15th, 2006 at 06:19 am

Saturday and the day started cold and nasty. BUT..... It ended up being a good day. Why becuase I went to some good garage sales today with my $15.00 from the $20.00 challenge. And I said to myself that I will not do any christmas shopping. I stop buying gift for people about 4 years. But I came across some nice things at the garage sales yesterday in total I spent on gifts $5.00 and I got a nice set of cross pens , a candy dish a leather belt set,and a glass candle holder set all new and in their boxs. See that is why I love garage sales. You can find some great stuff even in New York sometimes? I also find some intresting things that I can list on ebay and half price so that I can recoup my $5.00 back for the xmas gifts.
Has anybody put themselves on an allowance for the week and failed? I am trying to put myself on an allowance of $40.00 for the week which $20.00 of that is transportation. and I have $20.00 left to do as a please. Well every week that I try and do this I fail. I always spend $5-10 dollars more then I am suppose to. Has anyone else had problems staying on a weekly allowance like me?
Also wanted to say thanks to all for sharing their stories and information with me. Thanks again

Garage sales $ 7.00
Food Out(lunch) 6.00
Total $13.00

Savings Total 0

5 Responses to “Another Great Garage Sale Day”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I always go over my allowance too. I have a misc. envelope and I ususally end up using some money in there. Maybe we need a bigger allowance??

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Or maybe you could do what I do - move ALL the other money from my checking into online savings - it is not here to dip into. In other words, I make it impossible for myself to cheat. Also, my Bank Run Challenge keeps me trying to underspend so I can add more dollars to my retirement money. Maybe you could tie your allowance to something that you really want but need to save for. For instance, any money saved from allowance goes into a savings account to buy the great *name your poison* you've been really wanting but costs too much to come out of any one paycheck. Works for me.

  3. sarah Says:

    I use an allowance system that usually works. I do sometimes go over. I've used the system for years and I have found that one of the essentials is ensuring that the allowance is large enough. If it is not then I will go over and feel guilty. That is counter productive. If the allowance amount generally woriks ad I find myself going over then I know that I need to be more careful in my spending. Its a matter of trial and error. Good Luck.

  4. sakigt Says:

    My allowance is $30 a week for gas, $20 during the week and $20 on the weekend. If any is extra I can use it later.

    If you continue to go over budget, examine why. If its nothing you can help then I would raise your budget by a bit. In your case it looks like $5 or so would help out a lot.

  5. candles Says:

    It's not so clear to me what is this garage thing all about? You can find there better and cheaper things? Well congrats, you have managed to please everybody without big financial effort. We don't have such things here, quality is high priced.

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