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Working Today

October 7th, 2006 at 06:14 pm

This is the first Saturday that I have worked at my job in a long time. The only reason I worked today is because in the afternoon I was going to attend a Women's expo at the Jacob Javis Center in NY. The cost of the Expo was $15.00. I like going to this women's expo because I give out my fliers for my Lingerie/Toy company.I also see what other businesses are doing.I would have liked to set up a booth at the women's expo but when I called to ask how much for a booth they quoted me $1900.00 for the 2 day event. To rich for my blood. Oh well the day was fun because by working in the morning the job payed for me to go the afternoon event with coffee to drink at the expo to.
Coffee $2.00
Expo $15.00
Transporation $ 4.00 ( Ny Transit)
Total $21.00

Working Saturday O/T $100.00

A head $ 79.00

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