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Not A Good Saving Day For Me

October 5th, 2006 at 06:41 pm

Today started off well with only spending $3.00 for breakfast And Then....
after gym I took my friend out for coffee that turned into a $13.00 shared meal for us. Spent money but worth it we had fun.

I am getting paid tomarrow so I did my bills tonight and I will drop them in to the mail box in the morning.I am expecting a raise with this paycheck. So I will let you know what it is. We city workers signed a new contract with the city and they owe us back money so it should be in this paycheck on Friday.(hopefully)

Even though I spent some money today I felt good finally sending a check to a charity that I always support. This was a good feeling

Spent Dinner = $13.00
Charity = $38.00
Con Edison = $120.00
Telephone = $ 40.00
Saving = 0
Total Spent $211.00

Correction it was a very Expensive day!

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