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McDonalds Free Coffee This Week

September 27th, 2006 at 06:46 pm

Today I actually took advantage of something that was free. And it was something that I Love Coffee. Mcdonald's is having a free cup of coffee week.
So I had one today by doing this I saved $2.00 that would have went to Dunkin Donuts (Mummm I Love that coffee to!) I have decided that all the money I save from coupons and return bottles and such will go into my ING acct. That money is for paying off debt Only!

Amt toward debt $2.00.

It's a start!

To all Have a great day!

1 Responses to “McDonalds Free Coffee This Week”

  1. cara j. smith Says:

    i would like a free coupon for buy one get one free

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